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About Word Counter Tool

Use this simple free tool to count the number of words and characters in the given field. This tool supports and runs in all web browsers and this handy tool helps you to determine the number of words and characters in blogs, novels, books, essays, Facebook status, Twitter feeds and more. Just copy and paste the text or just start typing in the above field and then click on count words which will provide you the exact result of word and character count.

The word limit / character limit occurs in many cases. For example here are some of the services that limit characters: SMS: 160 characters, Meta Title: 50-60 characters, Meta Description: 160 characters (not a service but anything more than 160 will be omitted from search results), Twitter limit: 140 characters, Facebook status: 63,206 characters, Blogspot description: 500 characters, Yelp Post: 5000 characters, Ebay Title: 80 characters, Pinterest Description: 500 characters, LinkedIn Summary: 2000 characters.

How does this tool helps with SEO?

word counter tool

This tool helps improve your writing style and helps you with the word choice and it also detects if the spelling is wrong. It is very useful for authors, bloggers and article writers to keep the content within a limit. For example: A Blogger willing to keep the word count less than 1000 words or to determine the length of the meta title and meta description ( having lengthy meta title and meta description is a sign for bad SEO ).

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