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About Whois Checker

Are you interested in buying a new domain and looking to find out its availability or you are just looking for a way to search for domain name registration records? Whois Checker is the right tool that lets you gather detailed information of any website on the internet. Depending on the registrar this test will return registration information for any given domain name.
Some of the information that this test will return are as follows:

  • * Domain Name availability
  • * Domain Administrator/ Registrant Email ID
  • * Domain Registration & Expiration Date
  • * Domain IP status
  • * Registrants name, contact information and postal address
  • * DNS Hosting Information
  • * Name and contact details of the hosting company.

In some cases depending on the domain registrar you can even logon to registrars website to gather more information about the domain.

Why Whois Checker?

who is lookup

Whois lookup tool can be used for variety of reasons such as to know Who is the owner of the domain? To trade domain names by contacting the registrant. To know when particular domain expires so that you can place a bid or in case if the registrant fails to renew it you can take over it. Contact the domain registrant for promotional purpose or to provide feedback regarding the website and there are many more reasons to use this tool.

How Whois lookup tool works?

This tool is FREE, Simple, no captcha and no registration required. Just enter the website URL for which you want to lookup and click on get whois data. This tool provides a quick information of that particular domain. Also kindly note that some hosting companies and domain owners hide their private information in order to avoid unnecessary contacts. Whois lookup tool will not be able to provide the concealed information in such cases.

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