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Although everyone of us know what a screenshot is and what it can be used for we still thought of giving a decent introduction to this free online screenshot generator tool.  Along with this tool we also felt that it would be worth mentioning some free standalone screenshot generating software's to help increase your productivity. To start with; A screenshot is nothing but a digital image of what is visible on your monitor captured and generated by a tool or a software. 

Uses of capturing a website or page:

Have you ever thought of taking a screenshot of a webpage and sharing it to your users for informational purpose? Taking a screenshot of a webpage is one of the common tasks we all do online especially if you are designer, blogger or journalist. It can be used for many reasons. Using screenshot you can share the recipe to your blog readers. You can take a snapshot of SEO reports and share it to your clients. Screenshots of a webpage can help web designers and graphic designers to understand the layout of the website and aesthetics of a design. Screenshots can also be greatly used as an advertising material , say to use your work progress as a proof in marketing collaterals. From capturing online moments to creating tutorial there are many situations where a screenshot can be used. So how do you capture or take a snapshot of a website or a page?

Website Screenshot Generator tool:

website screenshot generator

Taking a screenshot of a website or your current page is really simple as this option comes by default in most OS. Just press the PRINT SCREEN key which captures your current page that is including the taskbar. To capture only the current selected window press ALT + Print Screen and you are done. But what if you are on mobile and wish to take a screenshot of the webpage you are currently on? Most smart phones offers an option to capture your screen but it doesn't exactly capture the webpage or website.

Considering all this and to make the process of taking website screenshots simpler on any platforms we are presenting this free online website screenshot generator tool.  This online screenshot capture tool quickly crawls and captures any website or webpage that you wish. The captured source then generates a thumbnail preview as a JPEG Image file which you can save it for your use. Also note that this tool only takes a snapshot of live websites and it only captures what first appears on the screen. The image resolution will be 600 x 400 pixels and not 1920 x 1080. To take a screenshot just enter the website URL in this website screenshot generator tool and click submit. You'll get the result. You can capture as many websites you want.

Free Screen capturing tools:

Since this free website screenshot generator tool only captures what first appears on the screen, we thought it would be nice to share two effective system screen capture tools that lets you capture the entire webpage no matter how long it is. More than just capturing the entire webpage you can also edit and share the screenshot anywhere around the web using these tools.

Key features that these screen capture tools offer:

1.  You can capture complete scrolling webpage regardless of its size.

2. You can perform free screen capture on a selected window. Capture rectangular region, capture freehand region. capture fixed size region.

3. You can create thumbnails, resize generated screenshots and there are plenty of editing options.

4. Export the generated screenshot in various file formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and PDF.

5. Copy the screenshot to clipboard, attach to emails, upload directly online to photo sharing websites like Picasa and Flickr.

Two most efficient tools to make screenshots are Greenshot and FastStone Capture. Greenshot is completely free and open source light weight software however FastStone Capture is not free. FastStone Capture is full featured powerful screen capture and screen recording tool offering bunch of options to enhance your productivity. We suggest you to check them both. If you found our online web capture tool useful then please do share it in on social sites to help improve our service better.

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