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Apart from design and functionality the quality of your website is also be determined using how good the navigation is in your website. Not just the menu links, each and every page must be connected properly to one other in order to improve your user experience. Yes, we are talking about the internal links. Internal links are a strong factor towards SEO, in addition to SEO benefits it also reduces huge bounce rates. More the inbound links, more the time users will stay on your website.

Now to the outbound links. While quality outbound links are known to improve your site ranking and authority it can also affect your site in several ways. Imagine having excessive outbound links compared to internal links. Your users will perhaps navigate away from your website, also you are losing link strength to your page. It is always recommended that you keep your external link numbers less than your internal links. This is where the website links counter tool comes in, to help you count the total number of internal and external links on your webpage.

Website Links Count Checker

website links count checker

This free website links count checker is a short version of link analyzer tool which provides detailed report on total number of links present on a particular page. It counts and tells the number of inbound links, outbound links, their link text and if they are do follow or no follow link elements. For more detailed report on links count we suggest you use link analyzer tool. If you are looking for short and simple results then website links count checker tool is what all you need. It simply counts the total number of links, total number of internal links, total number of external links and outputs the result instantly.

According to several research Google page rank may not still be a ranking factor but as a webmaster you must ensure that your site holds all the link juice. Here in this tool page we have already discussed about the SEO benefits of analyzing links, difference between internal and external links and internal link best practices. Also we have shared some useful tips about links which we suggest you to take a look. Holding the link juice improves search engine rankings and to hold that you must make sure that inbound links count are more than the outbound links. Also by adding Nofollow link attribute appropriately to your outbound links you can prevent spreading link strength to external sites.

To count the number of links that are present in your webpage simply enter the URL in this website links counter tool and click on submit. It crawls your webpage and counts the total number of links present on the page. Along with total links count it also gives the total number of internal and external links present. This tool is especially useful if you have a long page where there are large number of links and it can also be used to check the link count of your competitors website.

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