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Google has officially stated that web sites that has responsive design gets a ranking boost in search engine pages than the one that is not responsive. Responsive design doesn't just improve your site's SEO, but responsiveness enhance user experience and responsive design also helps in combating huge bounce rates.

Yes, it's true. Imagine current day's situation where most of us use mobiles and tablets over desktops and laptop's. Each and every device has different screen resolutions and a user may visit your website using any device. It is recommended that your website must have responsive design so that it automatically adopts to any device whether it’s TV, Desktop, Tablet, Laptop or Mobile.

We as a result driven web design company only focus on creating websites that are responsive.

Free Web Page Screen Resolutions Simulator

Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

This free website responsive checker tool lets you to simulate your web page's in multiple screen resolutions. It is useful for graphic / web designers, webmasters and site owners to know if their site is actually responsive and to know how it looks and functions on other devices.

This web page resolution tester imitates screen resolution of Iphone, Android phone, Ipad, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops. The available screen resolutions are as follows: 160 X 160 pixels, 320 X 320 pixels, 640x480 Pixels, 800x600 Pixels, 1024x768 Pixels, 1366x768 Pixels, 1152x864 Pixels and 1600x1200 Pixels.

To do a test just enter your website URL, select any one of the resolution and click on check. This tool outputs your website in a new window in that particular resolution. You can easily check if your website's main on screen and call to action elements are visible and interactive to your users.

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