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In order to retain traffic one of the most important element which you must consider is page loading speed. A person may visit your website via search engine results or straight by entering your site URL. When they do your website must immediately display results to your users, say within 5 seconds. Users to your website are impatient and they don't like to wait for a long time until your website loads. If your site takes longer time to load then your potential users may probably click out and visit another site by which you are losing a customer. Not just visitors, even search engine bots avoid your website if it loads for a longer time.

For better search engine visibility and to reduce high bounce rates it is recommended that your webpage must load faster. When there are several ways to improve your webpage speed the right solution will be by reducing the size of your webpage. The performance of your website is measured mainly based on how well it performs in search results and how fast it loads to your users. Lower the page size; quicker the loading time and quicker the loading time; better the search engine ranking results. We are offering this free page size checker tool to test your website size so that you can optimize it for better performance.

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If your website takes longer time to load then perhaps reducing the size of your webpage is what you must consider first. When we say website page size we are not talking about its dimensions and resolution. We are talking about size of a page in units (bytes and kilobytes). Overall webpage size that is HTML source code size, CSS / JS file size, font size, image and embedded video size.

According to current web trends the optimal size of a webpage can be anything less than 2MB in which HTML size should be less than 34 KB. Within 2MB you can easily create more visually appealing content to your site visitors. Users to your website may come from either desktop or mobile or tablet. You must note that 3G connections are slower than 4G and 4G connections are 10% to 15% slower than desktop broadband connection.  With higher speeds desktop users can easily handle huge page size but think about mobile users. This is why you must optimize your webpage contents and keep its size as low as possible. Inspecting the size of your webpage and optimize its content will greatly improve your website performance both in terms of SEO and conversion.

Web page Size checker tool - Analyze webpage HTML source size

A fast loading website not only results in good user experience, but it also improves your site ranking, reduces bounce rates and increases conversion. As a webmaster you must pay close attention and must perform regular tests to check the size of your webpage. Using above web page size checker tool you can perform a webpage size test. Just enter the webpage URL and click on submit. This page size checker tool outputs the page size in bytes, kilobytes and megabytes ( Page Size(Bytes) | Page Size(KB) ). Also note that the result shown by this page size checker tool includes only the size of HTML source code. It does not include images, embedded videos, external JavaScript's or external CSS files on the particular page.

Tips to reduce web page size:

Have you ever wondered what causes increased size in webpage. Is it the text or is it the HTML content in a page, no they only contribute less when it comes to page size. The main contributor to increased page size is media elements such as images and videos. Next comes JavaScript elements, followed by advertisements and then comes fonts.

The main intention of graphic content is to please your visitors but make sure it is not pulling down your site performance. Since being one of the major contributor to page size you must always optimize images before posting. Same goes to videos, its best to embed videos from external sites like YouTube instead of hosting it in your own server unless you have dedicated fast server.

Next important player in increasing page size is JavaScript. Being essential component of modern website it is necessary to have JavaScript to obtain certain site functionalities. What you have to ensure is if the script in your site is well written and it is not slowing your website.

Last but not the least cause of increased size in webpage is advertisement and font elements. With wide options available you can always use Google fonts instead of custom fonts, this helps in reducing the page size. Next comes advertisement, if your site is ad free like us then you don't have to worry about this. If you are using ads then you'll have to take certain measures to reduce the page size.

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