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Wondering what and when to use URL encoders and decoders? For better understanding let's start this from URL. URL is known as uniform resource locator is the web address of a website or a webpage. URL can either be as names (ex: https://seo-tools.mixtart.com/) or as an IP address (123.456.7890). Names are easier so we usually use the name to browse the website. Here in find DNS records tool page you'll find detailed explanation of how domain name works and how your web browser connects with the web server and displays the webpage. Your web browser requests web pages from servers using URL.

What is URL encoding or Percent-encoding?

URL encoding or percent encoding is a mechanism of encoding text or information in Uniform Resource Identifier. This is done to convert any special characters in URL to standard URL format so that it can be transmitted through internet. Your website's URL must follow certain standards in order to be SEO and user friendly such as keeping it short, using keywords and removing special characters. Apart from this there are certain URL rules which is specified by RFC 1738 for worldwide interoperability.  By encoding URIs uniformly according to international standards their value will not be misinterpreted and there won't be any confusion transmitting data over the internet.

According to internet standards of URL specification an URL can only contain certain set of characters that is ASCII character sets. If the URL contains non ASCII characters then it has to be converted to standard ASCII format and this is where URL encoding or percent encoding comes in. URL containing non ASCII characters will be replaced by "%" along with two hexadecimal digits. This encoding system is not just for URLs (Uniform resource locators) but it also applies to URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) and URNs (Uniform Resource Names). So rather than calling it as URL encoding, the term percent-encoding should be the preferred way.

How does URL encoding or percent-encoding work?

URL encoder / URL decoder

According to URL specification by RFC 1738 alphanumeric and only few other special characters are allowed in a URL. Any offending characters in URL are replaced by % (percentage) symbol followed by two digit hexadecimal value that are represented in ISO character set. Whereas a space is normally replaced with %20 or with a (+) plus sign. Following are the characters that are allowed in a URL.


* abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (a to z)

* 123456789 ( 1 to 9 )

* + ( Plus sign )

* . ( period sign )

*  - ( Dash / Hyphen )

*  _ ( Underscore )

*  * ( Star / Asterisk )

* ! ( Exclamation mark )

* ( ) ( Opening and Closing bracket )

These are the unreserved characters and are not required to be encoded. While the reserved characters to be encoded are as follows and it also shows what it will be encoded:

* $ dollar sign will be encoded as %24

* @ At becomes %40

* & Ampersand will be encoded as %26

*  While space becomes + or %20, + sign becomes %2B

* = Equal symbol will be encoded as %3D

* , Comma becomes %2C

* : Colon will be encoded as %3A

* ; Semicolon becomes %3B and

* ? Question Mark is encoded as %3F

These are just some common examples and you can try these using the tool above.

Online URL encoder / URL decoder tool:

So why and when you may require URL encoder and URL decoder? There are certain scenarios where this URL encoding and decoding tool comes in handy. To encode JavaScript URLs to readable form. To know the details of the advertisement campaign which is been encoded or to know the referrer or affiliate information by decoding the URLs. This can also be useful when you want to add special characters to the URL parameter.

This URL encoder / URL decoder or percent-encoding tool is Free and quick tool. To see it in action just copy and paste or enter the string of text, JavaScript or URL and click on submit to encode or decode. Upon submission this tool outputs two fields, one is encoded URL and the other is decoded URL.

Offline downloadable URL encoder/decoder:

URL encoding / decoding tool

Even though this online URL encoder and decoder is quick and free you may still require this tool for your offline use. If you are in such need you can always download this free offline URL encoder / decoder to your local system and use it as you wish. No registration required and it is light weight. Just download and used it locally.

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