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About Server Status Checker

At times you might have encountered your favorite website to be offline and wondered for yourself that if it is down only for me or for everyone around the world. There are only two scenarios for the website to be down; 1. The main web server is down and 2. There is some connection problem from your end that is stopping you to access that particular website. If there is network problem from your end then the website is down only for you. If the main web server is down then the website is probably down for everyone around the world.

Server Status Checker Tool - SEO Benefits

Is website down or up

As a complete SEO solutions our main motto is to improve our client's website performance. We are offering this FREE server status checker tool for our clients, SEO professionals and webmasters to check the server status of their website. The main objective of any website on the internet is to be available and accessible for their users 24 x 7. A website that doesn't allow the user to access the intended information is a huge fail.

Imagine what happens if a website which receives huge traffic is down or offline? Simple, users who can't access that site will probably switch to another website to get the same information. Your site visitors won't wait for the website to get online, with vast options available online they will probably jump somewhere else which leads in losing traffic to your website. Not just traffic but you also lose your loyal customers as well as your business.

In order to thrive online your website must be up, accessible and available all the time for your visitors. Also your users shouldn't face any difficulty with your website's server load times. To the point now: so how do you check if your website and your server is up and accessible to everyone? While there are several other ways the quickest, easiest and the most accurate solution is this free server status checker tool. Not just your website, you can check server status, website availability, uptime, downtime of any websites.

How to check if the website is down or up?

bulk server status checker

Using this HTTP server status checker tool is free, easy, quick and 100% accurate that lets you test performance and availability of your website. No captcha and no registration is required. This tool will be useful for you, webmasters and SEO professionals to check their server status regularly and keep it updated. Also it will be useful for anyone who is in doubt and willing to check if a particular website is only down for them or for everyone else.

To do a server status test or website availability test just enter the website URL and click on check server status. If this test returns online then the website is up, available and accessible for everyone. If this test returns offline then the website or server is down and not accessible by anyone.

Not just your website and not just one website. This is bulk server status checker tool so you can enter up to 100 URL's each in separate line and check the status of all the websites. It outputs HTTP Status Code, Response time and Availability of the website.

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