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We have already explained how DNS works and how your browser displays a website, you can find that information in Find DNS records tool page. Also we have described how Google crawls your website and how it indexes in it search results. You can find this information in Google index checker tool. Apart from these we also have several other SEO tools with useful information in it to help boost your sites performance in search engines, be sure to check it. Here it's time to see what search engine spider simulator is and how this search engine spider simulation tool works. Along with that we will also see what search engine crawler or spider means and the SEO importance of search engine spider simulator tool.

What is Search Engine Spider or Web Crawler?

Search engine spider or web spider is also known as web crawler or internet bot that crawls world wide web for the purpose of indexing the web contents. When by chance you visit a website that has interesting article or content you usually bookmark it for future reference. Just like that whenever web crawlers or search engine spiders discover new content on the web they index it to their database which is known as search engine indexing. While indexing they also store the collected data to their cache server to facilitate accurate and fast information retrieval from the web.

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When you see a website you'll see the actual design elements which is mainly developed for easy human interface. You'll see the navigational links, call to action, social links, sliders, text contents, flash, images, audio and video which are all perfectly organized to draw human attention. Most of the web elements such as images, flash, iFrames and JavaScript content that are visible to human eyes are not seen by search engine spiders or web crawlers. For the purpose of SEO you must first understand and learn to look at your website the way Google does. By looking your website from Google's point of view you'll discover possible improvements that needs to be done to boost your site rankings.

Search Engine Spider Simulator Tool:

search engine spider simulator

Google bots, search engine spiders or web crawlers only looks for content, plenty of content and they only need content in order to index your webpage. When we say content we mean every single text, word and HTML element that's on the page. Spiders don't see the fancy design elements, instead they recognize them using the metadata that are stored in it. So how does Google robot or a search engine spider sees a webpage and what does it actually see? This is where you'll need Search engine spider simulation tool to see how search engines view your website. It's a tool which we've built to see any website from Google's perspective.

As we said Spiders and crawlers can't see the graphical design elements, instead they see meta content that is meta title, meta description, meta keywords. It sees readable text content that is available on the page. It sees heading tags from h1 to h6. It sees HTML links that is both inbound and outbound links. It gets all this information by viewing your page source code. Search engine spider simulator is a quick, free and efficient tool that simulates a search engine in order to view and display web page contents exactly the way web spider or crawler sees the page.

To know how Google and other robots or crawlers sees your webpage just enter the webpage URL in this spider simulator tool and click on submit. It returns all the elements that are seen by search engine spiders.

SEO uses of Search engine simulation:

There are several data that search engine spider sees and collects from your webpage and search engine spider simulator tool displays what those contents are. By understanding the information that it collects you can tweak them accordingly to improve your site's search engine rankings.

Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords: This information tells what your page is all about and so search engines fetch this info to display your webpage in its results for the keyword that is focused.

Readable text content: Content is king. Yes, Google sees and loves quality content so ensure that all your pages have lengthy content with focus keywords in it. Spider simulator shows the content from your page that is seen by Google.

Indexable links: This spider simulator shows all the internal links and external links on the webpage. By checking this you can remove if there are any low quality links that are inappropriate to the page content. For more detailed report on your site links we suggest you to use link analyzer tool.

Heading tags and source code: By viewing your heading tags you can confirm if your main focus keywords are in it. If not then you can add them and give a boost. This tool also shows the source code that is seen by web spiders.

Every webmaster is making their own effort to optimize their site to bring it on top position in search results. There are site that still struggles to rank even though it follows current search engine optimization trends. So apart from your effort what matters most is how search engines sees your SEO efforts and one way to know that is by using search engine spider simulator tool.

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