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About Online Ping Website Tool

Website pinging is the very step you should carry out once you launch your website or publish a new post. After keyword research you start writing content with focus keyword and you publish it. So how do you make the page or post get indexed in search engines at once after you publish it? Here in Google Index checker tool page we've shared some important tips to get your website indexed quickly in Google. Not only in Google, but following those steps helps your website and blog indexed quickly in major search engines. One among those tips is pinging your website and blog posts to search engines. Here we'll see what website pinging is, how to use online ping website tool and how this website ping tool helps with your website's SEO.

What is blog pinging or website pinging?

Website pinging or blog pinging is nothing but a mechanism in which your weblog or a service that notifies servers. So what does it notifies and what servers it notifies? It notifies servers saying that you've published a new blog post or you have an updated webpage on your website. A ping server notifies servers like search engines, feed websites, news websites, directories and aggregators. By pinging you are telling search engines to re-crawl your new blog post or updated web page. By pinging your website and blog post to search engines you are greatly increasing the chance of getting it indexed. So how to ping a website in Google? how do I ping my blog? If you need answer to these questions you are at the right page. Let's see how our online ping website tool pings your website and helps get indexed quickly by most search engines.

How does this online ping website tool works?

website ping tool

Online website ping tool is one of the most important tool among all SEO tools. It pings your website and blog to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and other major search engines. Most think that pinging only helps search engines to find their website faster, but not only that. People also use ping services and ping utilities to index backlinks from other websites that are pointing to their website. This helps optimize your website's performance and that helps improve your domain authority among search engines. Alright let's see how to ping a website or blog post using our free online website ping tool.

Major CMS and blog publishing platforms like Blogger and Wordpress automatically pings one or more servers whenever you update or publish a new post/page. But what about a custom website which you developed and want to ping it to search engines? This is where our online ping website tool helps you. Most webmasters use this website ping tool to get their new content indexed quickly and easily. Instead of waiting for search engines to recognize your website you can ping and make the spiders crawl at once.

Pinging your website in Google and other search engines became easy with this website ping tool. To ping a webpage or blog post first you have to enter its URL. It can either be a top level domain, new blog post URL or updated page URL. Next enter the focus keyword of that particular page or post in the field where it says "Enter your blog Name". Next enter the updated post or page URL, if you haven't changed the URL then enter the same URL. Next enter your blog RSS feed URL (eg: Once done click on submit and wait for our service to ping search engines, directories and feed websites.

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Why to use website ping tool? Benefits of website pinging

online ping website tool

Google will have specific time period to re-crawl the web page that it has cached (Google cache) already. If you updated the page and don't like to wait till Google crawls then you can use this website ping tool to notify search engines. Once our ping service pings, Google and other crawlers re-visits your webpage and indexes the new version that you've updated. Most bloggers and webmasters are facing difficulties indexing their website or web page especially when their website is new. This is the reason we recommend publishing blog posts regularly. By publishing regularly you are gaining authority and Google indexes immediately whenever you publish or update a post / page. But what if you are posting only by weekly or by monthly. This is when you'll have to take control, use this pinger and notify the URL to all search engines. Another essential use of online ping website tool is that it works as an alternative to server status checker tool. It can also be used to detect host reacheability. To test particular host, website or server through ping.

So are you still waiting for Google, Yahoo and Bing to index your website / webpage? Take action now! Ping your website using this website ping tool and get your web pages indexed immediately.

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