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About Online Md5 Hash Generator

In short: Online Md5 generator is a tool that computes and generates Md5 hash for any given string. Md5 hash generator tool is useful for encoding sensitive data like passwords, databases and credit card details. Apart from this Md5 hash is also used to verify the integrity of the downloaded files. Alright, this seems so plain so let's get in more detail. Here we'll cover what Md5 is, uses of Md5 generator and how this online Md5 hash generator tool works.

What is Md5?

Md5 stands for Message-Digest Algorithm 5. It's a file fingerprint or one way cryptographic hash function that produces 128 bit (16 bytes) hash value which is composed of 32 digits in hexadecimal characters. In other words Message Digest is a computed hash value containing string of digits created using one way hash formula.

One way hash function means it takes messages or a block of data and converts into a fixed size bit string. Since it is a one way function you cannot bring back the original string, that is Md5 hash function can't be reversed or decrypted. Also Md5 is not a encryption algorithm so Md5 generator should be the right term to use since all it does is just generates hash value for any given data. Whatever the character length or size of the data is Md5 always generates a fixed value. It generates the input into 128 bit (16 bytes) hash value and trying to encode the same generated string using Md5 formula will return another 128 bit hash value.

For more detailed information on Md5 algorithm we suggest you to go through this Wikipedia page about Md5.

When to use Md5 generator

Since Md5 can't be decoded or reversed you might wonder what the purpose or uses of Md5 hash is and when to use this online Md5 generator tool. There are many cases in which Md5 hash is used such as for securing, identifying and verifying data. First Md5 hash is widely used by PHP and ASP programmers to write sensitive data in MySQL database. For example the passwords that are stored in database are not clear text as you type. So if someone hacks your database they'll not be able to see the password instead they only see the hashed value which cannot be decoded. Whenever you enter your password it connects with database and check the hash value, if it matches then it lets you access.

Example: Your String (password): 12345

Hash value for this password: 827ccb0eea8a706c4c34a16891f84e7b

Next Md5 is also used in digital signatures to verify file integrity using generated Md5 hash which is commonly known as Md5 checksum. To make this clear let's say you've downloaded a huge file from the internet, how do you verify if the file is corrupted or not? This is where Md5 checksum helps. You can check if the file which you downloaded is same by comparing the Md5 hash of the original file with the Md5 hash data which is received. If both Md5 hashes match then both data are identical.

How Md5 Hash generator tool works

This online Md5 generator tool generates Md5 hash (32 digit hexadecimal number) for any given string. It is Free online tool which does not require any installation, also you don't need to posses any coding or programming skills to use this Md5 hash generator. Just enter any data in the above field and click on generate. It quickly computes and results Md5 hash of the data entered.

Given text:

Md5 hash: 96403bc3899d027b2e9477662f2c8506

Md5 security is severely compromised which is proven to be cracked using brute force attacks so we suggest you not to use Md5 in security systems that are highly critical. Since Md5 hash is small in digits it works perfectly fine in scenarios like checking file integrity or as use in databases. If you like this Md5 hash generator tool then please do share it so others may also benefit from this tool.

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