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City Matawan
Region New Jersey
Country United States of America
Country Code US
ISP Choopa, LLC
Latitude 40.465200
Longitude -74.230700

About My IP Address

IP address - Internet Protocol , an address that refers to unique number which is linked to all your online activity.  Just like your physical street address and telephone number; IP address is an unique address used by your computers such as PC, Smartphone, Tablets  to recognize itself and to communicate with other computer devices.

IP address is something vital and you use it in your day to day Internet based activities. Imaging how you are getting your weather forecast of your city and the latest news feeds of your locality right away when you search online. Yes, Search Engines, News Websites and majority of websites provides you the information based on your location by identifying your IP address (your geo location). Without the IP address news and weather sites wouldn't know where you are from and so wouldn't be able to provide the right information.

my ip address

IP address is unique and it changes based on your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Each and every computers connected to the internet has an unique IP (Internet Protocol Address) and there are two different IP addresses: Private and Public.  Private IP is your local area network which are used by corporates to communicate with computers within their network. Public IP is the address needed to communicate with computers across the internet and it cannot be the same.

My IP Address - your IP address information is a quick tool that provides your IP Geo location and IP Resources. You can know your IP address, City, Region, Your Internet Service Provider, Your latitude and Your longitude information.

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