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If you are a web owner or if you are into SEO business you must first understand how Google and other search engines display results for a particular keyword. We've already explained about how search engines work on search engine spider simulation tool page which we suggest you to go through. Choosing the right and effective keywords for your business and website is one of the main strategy which you must consider during the initial stages of SEO campaign.

Keywords are the main ingredient to your SEO recipe that helps improve your ranking in SERPs. Also it is one of the most important factor that notably increases you site traffic. Wondering how? Optimizing your web page contents using the right keywords of your niche will tell search engines to prioritize your website for those keywords. Also constantly publishing content based on similar keywords will greatly improve your site's popularity on relevant search terms. Okay, let's dig in deeper on Keyword discovery - choosing the best keywords using the keywords suggestion tool.

Keyword Discovery

keyword discovery and keyword suggestions

Keywords are the foundation of your websites SEO. The keywords that you select decide the success of your website. It is not only the cornerstone of SEO, but it also is the basis of your PPC campaign. Since the process of keyword discovery seems tedious and long most online marketers will omit this. As a result they end up choosing an unhealthy keyword. Note that your entire promotional effort can become useless just because of selecting a wrong keyword. It is very important that you invest more time and effort in finding the right keywords for your website before starting your marketing campaign (SEO, CPC and PPC).

What does right and best keyword mean and how to choose one? Target term research - By choosing the best keywords, we mean knowing what your potential customers are searching for. Best keywords are the one that have low competition where you can easily attain high rankings. Right keywords are the one that attracts the right type of visitors. Right keyword means the keyword having low cost per click on Google AdWords while delivering the best in return. Best keywords are the one that are not so long and not so short. Good keywords are the one that translate your business. They are the one that improve your search engine rankings, increases page visits, click rates, sales and conversion. So wondering how to choose one? You can easily pick the right and best keywords for your website using our Keywords suggestion tool.

How the Keywords suggestion tool works

It's really difficult and time consuming task to prepare a huge list of potential keywords and highly searched key phrases manually. Keywords suggestion tool simplifies the process and at the same time provides highly reliable and accurate keyword suggestions. Keywords suggestion tool is similar to Google's keyword planner. It generates most popular and relevant keywords and key phrases from your base keyword. It suggests keywords that are highly searched in Google, Yahoo and Bing by your target audience. Not only that, it also generates country and local specific keywords which you can use to target your local market.

Using Keywords suggestion tool: To generate a list of relevant and most popular keyword suggestions you first need to enter a base term or primary keyword.  Primary keywords are nothing but head keyword that have large search volume and so will have tough competition. Basically 1, 2 or 3 words that well describes your website or business. For example this website is all about offering Free search engine optimization tools so the primary keyword we use is SEO Tools. Enter your base term and click on submit. This tool generates and suggests a long list of healthy keywords that you can start implementing on your SEO and PPC campaign.

Tips on choosing the best keyword for SEO

keywords suggestion tool

Before creating a page or writing a blog article it's must that you do keyword research. When we say keywords we mean multi word phrases. Here are few tips on choosing the best keywords for SEO.

1. Brainstorm your keywords and do a research: You know what your website or business is all about. Pick a keyword between 2 to 3 word count that describes your products and services. Using that term do a keyword research and create a huge list of similar keywords that relates your business. You can pick related keywords and key phrases from Google's related search recommendations.

2. Analyze your competitors: If you are good in your business you will be knowing very much about who your competitors are. Analyze what keywords and topics they are targeting from their blog post and pages. You can check this from meta tags by viewing their page source code. Also you can use the Keyword density checker tool.

long tail keywords suggestion

via [Search Engine Journal]

3. Always rely on Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keywords won't have huge search volume compared to the shorter versions. However long tail keywords are the one that converts, generates business and have low competition so ranking is easy. People who are searching for long and specific keywords are close to doing business, instead of just grabbing few information from your website. They are your potential target visitors.

4. Avoid unpopular, high competitive, too broad and too short keywords. Short keywords have high competition and so it's very difficult to rank. Very long and broad keywords are unpopular and hence they don't produce results. Instead consider different word variants between 3 to 6 words. If your business is local you can target region specific keywords which boosts your local SEO.

Hope you found this Keywords suggestion tool helpful. Looks like you've chosen the best keywords and optimized your web page contents using it. Now we suggest you to use keyword position checker to see how well your website is improving in search engine ranking pages for those key terms and key phrases.

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