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About Keyword Position Checker

You might wonder how some websites always holds the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position or dominating the entire 1st page of Google for some high competitive keywords. Apart from high quality backlinks a site that ranks well and holding the top position for a particular keyword will have a strong on page optimization. Moreover SEO being a continuous process; sites that rank well will keep track of their keywords position in search engines regularly and work accordingly to hold that position. Checking your site's keyword position and keyword rank is very important as it will be the major source that sends traffic to your website constantly.

There are several sources to receive traffic to a website such as organic search, referral traffic, paid search and social traffic. Studies says that Organic search drives more than 50% of traffic to a website. In order to improve organic search traffic one must first optimize their web pages with the focus keywords (Keyword optimization) that they are trying to rank. Keyword optimization is an act of researching, analyzing and picking the right keyword that relates your industry or niche. We've explained a lot about keyword optimization in keyword suggestion tool. Here we'll cover how to track your keyword position in search engines, how to use this keyword position checker tool and the importance of checking the rank and position of a keyword.

Track your keyword position and rank in Google / Yahoo and Bing

Google keyword rank checker tool

Once you have published a high quality post or page with focus keyword in it, you are not finished. You have to wait for Google to rank and position them in search engine ranking pages. Depending on the competition and your site authority it may take anywhere between a month or 3 for Google to rank the page. During this period you can start building backlinks which gives an extra boost. Also its time you start tracking the keyword position and rank in major search engines like Google, Yahoo , Bing, Ask and AOL.

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By checking keyword position of your website you'll come to know how well your site is coming up. Also You can analyze where your competitors are ranking for the keyword which you focused. Analyzing your competitors rank and tracking your site's keyword position will help you determine how heat the competition is for the keyword which you focused. To improve your site's SEO; as a ongoing process you must keep track of your keyword position and competitors ranking in search engine results page. This will greatly help you to decide whether if your web page needs additional optimization and if there are any page issues that needs to be fixed.

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How to use Keyword position checker tool

keyword position checker

While the process of checking the keyword position of your webpage seems easy it is daunting and will take a lot of time to do it manually. Especially if you are having several microsites all focusing the same keywords. Also consider the number of search engines available out there, particularly Google having country specific search engines. It's really time-consuming task to track geo targeted keywords or trying to check the keyword ranking for all your competitors. By using this keyword position checker tool you can save time and effort tracking keyword position and rank, instead you can focus on content and improving your SEO strategies.

Like all our SEO tools; Keyword position checker is another Free tool that allows you to track the keyword position of your website in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Being a bulk tool you can check a websites position and ranking for multiple keywords in multiple search engines. This free Keyword position checker tool checks and fetches keyword position of a domain up to 50 pages (first 500 results).

Here is how you check the keyword position and ranking of a website using this Google rank checker tool (Also Yahoo):

1. Enter your or your competitors website or web page URL in the field where it says enter your domain.

2. Next type in all your keywords in a separate line for which you wish to check the ranking or position of the website that you entered in first field.

When we say keywords we mean the keywords or key phrases which you've focused and optimized your site to rank. Example "Free SEO Tools", "Keyword Position Checker".

3. Once done select the number of positions that you wish to check. Our keyword rank checker tool can fetch results from up to first 50 pages. It checks if the given website URL is listed anywhere within 500 results for that particular keyword.

4. Once you've filled everything click on find keyword position and wait for our tool to do its task. It won't take long, within a minute the site's position for all those entered keywords in Google and Yahoo will be fetched and listed in a table.

So handy right! Now you don't have to check each and every page of Google and Yahoo manually to determine the keyword position of your webpage.

Importance of checking keyword position - Where do I rank on Google?

If you own a website your primary purpose will be to generate business. Especially if you own a business website you main goal will be to bring in more visitors and converting them to your customers. To achieve this you must first work on your site's SEO. Before doing SEO you must first decide on keywords that best describes your niche and market, only then you can target your audience. Once optimizing your website Google and other search engines start to position your website for the keyword you targeted.

Now don't you want to check the results; the time, the effort and the resources that you put on your website for months? Don't you want to know where your website ranks on Google? Don't you want to check if you are beating your competition? Don't you want to further improve your website's ranking so you can raise your traffic and sales? If your answer is no then your website has no purpose being online.

Tips to improve your Keyword position and keyword ranking

We are not about just providing Free SEO Tools, we are complete SEO solutions. Aside from SEO tools we are also sharing more tips to our users to improve their site's ranking in SERPs. We hope this page gives a brief summary on keyword position checker and the importance of checking the keyword rank of your website. Before we conclude, here are few tips on how to improve your keyword position and get a better ranking for the keyword you are targeting.

You can find more tips about keywords on Keywords suggestion tool page.

* Keywords! Keywords! Keywords! Choose them carefully. Pick a keyword that best describes your line of business and has less competition.

* Choose long tail keywords and make sure they are of quality.

* Write high quality content regularly along with proper keyword optimization which will give a significant boost to your search engine rankings.

* Perform website SEO audit regularly and track your rankings. Have a report. By doing this regularly you can outrun your competition and achieve the top position in search results.

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