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One of the perfect ways to understand HTML elements is by viewing the source code of a professionally designed website. Behind every web page there is a source code. Source code is nothing but a set of computer instructed statements and commands written by a developer in programming language that are readable by humans. So what is the purpose of source code in webpage's? Most of the websites are powered by PHP. As a user we do not know what's the code and what's happening behind the scenes in web server. All we get is the final output that is processed by the web server which is usually HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Your web browser interprets these HTML, JavaScript, CSS files and displays the webpage for you to interact.

Source code of a webpage simply looks something like the one in image below containing HTML elements, CSS link, images and JavaScript Source. While web browsers reads this information to display the webpage contents to its users search engines reads this information to find out what the page is all about. The information in source code that are fetched by Google and other search engines is one of the main factor to rank your pages in SERP's. For the sake of better performance in search engines and to your users it is recommended that your webpage source code is well optimized.

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html source code checker

Understanding the source code of a webpage helps you understand the script, structure, layout, design and functions of the page. This can be useful for both design as well as SEO purpose. Let's say you visit a beautifully designed website and want to implement few of its elements in your website, viewing the website's source code helps here. Another example: you are trying to understand the focus keywords that your competitors are targeting, you can know this by checking their site's meta tags and to know that simply view their page source code. Apart from this you can also check heading tags, image alt tags, anchor text, internal links, canonical tag and CSS style sheets in source code.

Also there are much more uses in viewing the source code so how to get the source code of any webpage? Viewing the page source code is very simple and by default all web browsers provides this option. In windows browsers: Just right click on the page and click on "view page source", In Mac Browsers: right click on the page click on "show page source". It gives the complete HTML source code of the webpage. You can also view the page source in mobile browsers. To do so you only have to type view-source: in the address bar just before the site URL.


HTML Source Code checker Tool:

While most of the websites allow users to check their website's source code there are few websites that do now allow this. They simply disable the right click mouse function to prevent users from accessing there page source code. The main reason behind this is security and to stop plagiarizing content. In such cases this HTML source code checker tool will be useful. Its quick and free tool to view, analyzer and modify the source code of any webpage. To use this too just enter the website URL for which you wish to view the source code and click on get page source. Done!

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