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About Google PageSpeed Insights Checker

Google; As a search engine gives more importance to website's that are optimized, fast, mobile friendly and follows best practices. A website: In order to succeed and rank well in search engines it must obey most ranking factors. There are 100s of SEO ranking factors and one among them is webpage speed. Does website speed affects search engine ranking? Yes, of course it does! Your website loading speed is one of the main factor Google considers to rank. It not only gives a boost to your page SEO but it also improves the overall user experience. Don't like losing your potential customers? If yes, then focus on making your site load faster that delivers good user experience. Here we'll see how to make use of this Google PageSpeed Insights checker tool to improve your site performance.

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Understanding Page Speed Insights Tool

Google PageSpeed Test Tool

Since Google is obsessed with page speed, in 2011 Google introduced Page Speed Insights tool to analyze the site performance. So What is Page Speed Insights? Google Page Speed Insights is a tool that measures web page performance on Desktop and mobile devices. It fetches the webpage URL, analyze the webpage, checks for performance best practices and provides a score. Here is the link to actual page speed insights tool. Before you go we would like to explain more about this Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Also we would like to provide more tips on improving your Google page speed test score.

PageSpeed Insights test tool not only determines page speed, but it also provides suggestion and recommendations to improve the overall webpage performance. With the help of this measurement and by applying the recommendation Google suggests you can greatly improve the user experience. Most webmasters, SEO experts and web developers use this tool to apply the best practices. It helps them indentify the issues and optimize their website that loads faster on both mobile as well as desktop.

Google tests your webpage and provides score ranging from 0 to 100 that falls under one of the three categories. If the score is more than 85, its Good! You don't need to worry. "The Page applies most performance best practices and should deliver a good user experience". If the score is between 65 to 85 then it needs improvement. "The page is missing some common performance optimizations that may result in slow user experience". You must investigate the Google recommendations in this case. Anything below 65 is poor, not optimized and will deliver slow user experience. You must prioritize and apply the Google recommendations.

Need to get good Google page speed score just like our website? It's easy if you follow the recommendations. We will share some tips to achieve good results in Google page speed checker tool later in this page. Before that we'll explain how to use our Google PageSpeed Insights checker tool to improve your website performance.

Google PageSpeed Insights Checker

Google PageSpeed Insights Checker Tool

Our Google PageSpeed Insights Checker is a free performance optimization tool that uses Google API key. It analyze your webpage and delivers exact result as Google does. It provides page speed score and page optimization suggestions. Apart from this it gives one information extra which is page code analysis in a pie chart. Elements that contributes to your webpage size. To use this tool just enter the URL and click on submit. It uses Google service and provides page speed score, page code analysis and page optimization suggestions. Just focus on fixing our valuable suggestions, you can greatly improve your site loading time.

Optimizing website for mobile traffic

Google mobile page speed test

Getting Good scores in Google PageSpeed Insights checker tool may or may not improve your website ranking. However it is proven that prioritizing webpage load speed will improve your user experience greatly, especially in mobile. Wondering how? Almost half of the traffic comes through mobile and visitors from mobile except the site to load faster. If your webpage is mobile optimized and if it loads faster on mobile it will deliver engaging user experience. Thus reduces your website's bounce rates and it helps generate more leads.

Our Google PageSpeed test tool provides the overall page speed score by comparing the scores of desktop and mobile version. If you specifically need the score for mobile we suggest you to use the actual insights tool by Google. Under Mobile section you'll find the score and possible page speed optimizations that helps improve the mobile web performance. Fixing that will also improve the page speed score on desktop. Alright, let's see how to actually improve the Google page speed test scores on both mobile as well as desktop.

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Tips to Achieve good results in Google Page Speed test tool

Are you in a challenge to achieve 100/100 score with the Google page speed test tool? Achieving 100/100 score in Google PageSpeed Insights tool is possible. However doing so may or may not break your site functionalities and appearance. Google pagespeed tool is just a guideline to best performance practices for your website. Achieving 100 out of 100 is not really necessary, if the test result says "Good" then your website is really Good. It doesn't need any further optimizations and it will perform smoothly across all devices. Anything less than 85 then you need to consider few optimizations and here is how you do it.

Google has several speed rules and they are as follows:

1. Avoiding landing page redirects

2. Enabling compression

3. Reducing server response time

4. Minifying CSS / JavaScript / HTML

5. Leveraging browser cache

6. Optimizing Images

7. Removing render blocking JavaScript

8. Optimizing CSS delivery &

9. Prioritizing visible content

You'll find more page speed insights rules and usability rules here in this page.

Depending on your sever environment and how your website is build Google pagespeed insights checker tool suggests any of these. Few recommendations require technical skills and few do not. Explaining all of them in detail will make this post too long so we decided to create a separate post on improving Google page speed insights test score. Here we'll explain the steps that are easy to fix and require no technical skill that improves your Google page speed test score.

1. Optimizing images: Even though we have more than 5 image on this page, it loads faster. It's because we've optimized the images. On all your web page make sure the images are compressed.

2. Minify CSS / JavaScript / HTML: Just like images you should also prioritize compressing your webpage resources such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. This can be achieved by removing unnecessary white spaces, comments and characters in CSS and JavaScript files.

3. Reducing server response time:  No matter how well optimized your webpage is, if your web server is slow then the page loading time is going to be slow. We as a result oriented web design company providing web server that are fast and reliable.

4. Optimizing CSS delivery: In header depending on your website design you might be linking to external CSS files. Browser needs to render content, layout and style information all at once. If an external file stops your browser from rendering the content until it renders then it's called render blocking. It can be either CSS or JavaScript. To fix this you can combine multiple CSS and JavaScript files into one. If the external file size is small then instead of loading it separately you can just inline them with HTML.

Rest all other steps require detailed explanation which we will make a topic separately and share the links here. Do you need help optimizing your website? We as a professional search engine optimization company will ensure that your site outperforms your competition in SERPs. Of course we will also help your webpage achieve great scores in Google web page speed insights checker tool.

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