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About Google Malware Checker

Malware also known as Malicious software is nothing but a script or code purposely written to gather sensitive data, to infect, to cause damage, to interrupt or to gain unauthorized access to a system. Malwares exist in several forms: unreliable software which you downloaded from the internet or a script that is injected on a website. Also there are several types of malwares such as Viruses, Trojan, Spyware, Adware, Browser Hijacker and much more.

Nearly millions of malwares are released each day and to keep the web a better place Google blacklists several thousand websites a day. Websites that are blacklisted by Google once will be removed from Google Index and the chance of bringing the website back to index is very tough. It is highly recommended that you and your web developer should follow the best practices to keep your website secure and free from malware.

We as a reliable web design and development company will take care of all your web sites security and maintenance.

While there are several reliable software's to check malware in your computer how do you check if a website is safe for browsing and free from all potential threats? As internet evolved cyber threat has also evolved such as financial fraud, phishing, stealing consumer data and more. To secure yourself from such threats you must highly avoid suspicious, malicious and harmful websites that are unsafe for browsing.

Website Malware Scanner Tool - SEO Benefits:

Imagine a website or a blog which was performing well in search engines since it has high quality content and more backlinks. Apart from the performance this site is less secure and so it got hacked and a malicious script has been injected let's say an Adware or phishing script. The owner of the site doesn't know this until he actually discovers it because the site works fine. Since it is a blog web crawlers visit the site often to check if there are any new or updated content. Google finds out the malware and shows the warning signs to users on Google Search results and in web browsers. Not just in search results but it also alerts the owner in webmaster tools. If the site owner doesn't take this malware issue seriously then it leads to web site de-index. The website loses all its ranking in search results and its customers.

How to use Google Malware Checker:

Google malware checker

Google Malware Checker is a Free security advisor tool that warns you if a website is unsafe and potentially dangerous. If you ever feel a website is harming your computer or your own website is performing poorly in SEO then we suggest you do a quick malware test using this Google Malware checker tool.

This is not a bulk tool, you can only check one URL at a time. To do a test just enter the website URL and click on submit. Upon submitting a new window opens redirecting to Google' Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page. If Google Malware checker returns "No Unsafe Content Found" then the website is safe and there are no threats.

If you find out any threats on your website then feel free to contact us. Our SEO professionals provide the best possible solution to remove the threat and help your website rank better in search results.

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