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Google as a search engine its main job is to constantly scout the internet for new websites and new content on websites which it has already crawled. Whenever Google bots discovers a new content or website it indexes and includes in search results for its users. Getting your new website or content indexed in search results is the very first and basic step to get found online. After this comes the actual SEO strategy  which helps improve your site's visibility even more that Google has already indexed. This is how you get organic search traffic to your website.

Majority of websites large percentage of traffic comes through search results and the popularity of a website depends on accessibility of its webpage's in search results. It is necessary that once your new website or content is launched you must add it to Google Index. Not just Google, but also to other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Once added search engine bots crawls your website's content and lists it in search results. So how do you confirm that your website and all of its contents has been indexed by Google.

Google Index Checker Tool:

google index checker

Searching each of your website URL's in Google and confirming if it has indexed or not can really be a huge task. You can search using special site: operator to check the complete list of pages that are indexed in Google. Just enter Google lists the complete list of your website's pages that are indexed in its search results. You can do this search to your whole domain, sub domain or directory. However the results provided by this method is not accurate. To check the accurate index status of your website in Google we have this Google Index checker tool.

Google Index checker is a free, easy and accurate tool that helps webmasters and SEO professionals to check the actual number of webpage's that are crawled and indexed by Google. This is not a bulk index checker tool so you can only check one domain at a time and it is captcha free. Enter your website URL and click on submit. It returns the total number of web pages that are indexed in Google. If you feel that the numbers are actually low compared to the number of pages you have on your website then Google still might not have discovered those pages. You have to tell them to index those pages. How do you let Google and other search engines know that you have launched a new website or created new post for them to index in search results?

Tips to quickly get your website indexed by Google:

check google index status

Everyday millions of websites and contents are launched, posted and updated around the web. With these huge numbers Google bots will not be able to crawl and index all the contents. As a webmaster it's your responsibility to let Google and other search engines know that you have a new website or content and tell them to index in their search results.  Here are few tips to quickly get your website indexed by Google:

1. Create a XML sitemap for your website and submit it in Google webmaster tools. Submitting sitemap helps crawlers to easily know what pages and posts you have on your website.

2. Make sure your robots.txt file is not blocking search engine bots from accessing pages which you like to index.

3. Submit your website to Google by using this Fetch as Google Tool.

4. Ping your web pages and blog posts.

5. Share your website content in Social media sites.

Using the fetch as Google tool does the quick job in indexing your website. Submit your URL and request for indexing. Done! If you are still facing trouble indexing your website in Google, then there might be some serious SEO issue with your website which we will take care of.

Please contact us and our SEO professionals analyze and provide the best solution to greatly expose your website's search visibility.

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