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Have you ever wondered how you've been receiving too many promotional and junk content to your email address especially from the services which you haven't subscribed? Email, since being a most effective way of communication has become a key step for marketers and promoters to power their business marketing campaign.

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email privacy checker

In current technology the process of online data extraction has been simplified through many online tools and software's. Most online startups hire email marketing agencies to promote their offers and services. These marketing services uses a technique called web scrapping which in general grabs email addresses on massive scale from around the web. They then blast their clients promotion to all the emails which they have harvested. This is commonly known as email blasting.

There are several powerful email extractor that grabs email address from several websites based on keywords and search filters. An automatic bot that crawls throughout the web and collects email addresses that it finds. All these collected email addresses can be later used to send email for promotional purpose. This is one way how you receive unsolicited and unwanted emails which you usually mark it as spam unless the promotion is done in a right way.

As a owner it's your responsibility to safeguard your email and other privacy details from email extractors and scrapers. Also if you are a web owner your must note that email privacy issue and security is a huge concern for your consumers. You could simply lose out on a customer just because your site doesn't follow proper privacy procedures. This is the reason most website's have privacy policy stating that information collected from users are not distributed to third parties. This is how you build trust and it is the crucial part for any successful online business.

While it's in your hands to secure your users confidential details how do you check if your email's are safe from email harvesters and spammers?

Email privacy checker tool

Email Privacy check:- In order to safeguard your email addresses from email grabbers the first thing you must consider is not sharing your email address to unreliable services. Next, if you are running a website make sure you have contact form for your visitors to communicate. Also do not display your email address anywhere on the website. By this way your email address stays hidden. Still there may be pages where you might have left the email address visible for either bots or for your visitors. This is where the email privacy checker tool helps you in finding them.

Email privacy checker is a email privacy tool that lets you to check if there are any email addresses on a webpage that can be accessed by harvesters and scrapping tools. To perform a test just enter your site URL and submit. If the status results in "No emails found!"  then it's a good sign and the page is safe from email privacy and security issues. By using email privacy checker you can ensure that your site is safe from email harvesters. Apart from email privacy this tool can also be used to grab a organizations email address from its website for several reasons. Email privacy checker is a free tool just like all the other SEO tools.

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