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Domain into IP converter:

domain IP checker - convert domain to IP address

Knowing the internet provider and IP address of a domain can be helpful in many ways. To know the source of port attacks and to block them or to know the origin of spam emails which dumps your web server. Back in days we will have to use nslookup command line in order to find the IP address of a domain. Here is how to find the IP address of a domain using command prompt in windows in case if you are wondering. Go try for yourself.

1. Click on start and in search enter CMD which opens Command box.

2. Next to your computer username (C:\users\username>) start typing nslookup or any domain name for which you wish to lookup the IP address.

3. When done click on enter which returns information of your internet provider, your IP address, website host name and its IP address.

Just type the IP address of the hostname in web browser, it will take you to the website and this happens only if the website have a dedicated IP address. Using this method you can find the IP address of any domain or a website. Even though the process may seem easier it is not as quick as what Domain into IP lookup Tool does.

Domain into IP is a handy lookup tool that lets you quickly check the IP address of any domain. This Domain to IP convertor is similar and a short version of DNS records lookup tool and is also similar to Who Is checker tool. While DNS records tool looks up the complete domain information such as: (A, CNAME and MX) the main purpose of Domain to IP convertor tool is to quickly lookup the IP address of a given domain name.

Domain IP lookup Tool

This tool is Free, but not a bulk domain IP checker tool, you can only check one domain at a time. To perform an IP check of a domain, just enter the domain or host name and click on submit. Upon submit it returns IP address of the domain, Country where the domain is located and ISP (Internet Service Provider) of the domain. You can check as many URL's you want. If you like domain into IP convertor tool then we believe that you'll also find the below tools to be useful.

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