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Have you ever wondered where a particular website is hosted by looking at its incredible loading speed? A web page speed is one of the main SEO factors that search engines consider. When there are tons of hosting providers only few are fast, reliable and secure.
Your hosting company plays a major role in growing your business online. While there are several other factors when it comes to page speed, web hosting is the one that plays a major part. If you ever encounter your competitors website to be faster than yours even if your site is well optimized then use this tool to discover where that website is hosted and try to move yours. We as a complete digital agency offering reliable fast, secure and optimized web hosting servers.

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domain hosting checker

Domain Hosting Checker is a Free tool that lets you find out who is hosting a website. Similar to Who Is Lookup and Domain Age Checker this tool provides a website's domain registration details. It provides details of a domain's hosting provider and the website's IP address.

To find out who is hosting a particular website all you have to do is just enter the domain name and click on submit. Domain Hosting checker will look up the hosting information of that particular domain.

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