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Domain Age checker similar to Whois Lookup Tool it lets you find out the Domain's Age, Domain Registration Date, Domain Updated Date and Domain Expiry Date. Domain age checker gives accurate results. It exactly shows how many years, months and days a domain is old and when it expires.

Once Search Engines used to consider domains age as a prime factor for SEO. Older domains get more credibility and performs well in search engine ranking pages. Now this may or may not still work but more than domain age search engines these days consider pages with quality optimized content which has strong link flow.

Uses of Domain Age Checker:

domain age checker

Domain Age Checker can be used for several reasons such as: To know the domain age of your competitors and to weigh their ranking factors. To know the expiration date of your own domains so that you know when to renew it. Knowing how long a domain is in its business which helps you to decide whether or not to order your advertisement space on that website.

Domain Age Checker Tool:

This tool is Free, No registration and No Captcha Required. To check the age of a domain just enter the website URL and click on Get Domain Age.

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