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You might think that on page optimization is all about optimizing the Meta Title, Meta Description, heading elements and the web page contents. Yes, of course it is. They are the most important on page ranking factors. Optimizing them properly will give a significant boost to your SEO. They are the ones that search engines check to determine what your webpage is all about. However aside from this there are few other minor on page ranking factors that gives a positive impact to your SEO. They are image alt tags, text/HTML ratio, keyword consistency, canonical URLs, web page size, load times etc. Here we are going to explain what code to text ratio is. We'll cover the SEO importance of checking text to HTML code ratio. Also we'll explain how to use this code to text ratio checker tool to check the percentage of text content.

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What is code to text ratio?

Text to HTML ratio and Code to text ratio are both the same. It represents the comparison between percentage of actual text content and the percentage of HTML code on a webpage. Search engines calculates this information to weigh the text content of the webpage. In simple, users only require text content however to improve the user experience HTML code is required. While the users only see the text content and media elements, search engine bots only analyze your HTML elements to measure the content relevancy and to measure the page structure and quality. There is no actual definition for code-to-text ratio or text-to-code ratio. It's a percentage that is calculated by removing all non content data such as JavaScript and HTML tags from HTML. Then dividing what's left (actual text content) to the size of the whole page gives the text to HTML code ratio.

SEO importance of checking code to text ratio

code to text ratio checker

Different search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) uses different algorithms and have different ranking factors. However to make a website appear in search results all search engines require text content. Have you ever thought why websites with animations and flash websites perform poorly in search results. It's because they have no content or involve little text. It may look appealing to users; but in the eyes of search engines websites that lack text content serve no purpose to its users. Hence such websites do not rank well and most likely will not appear in search results.

It's recommended that a webpage should contain atleast 300 word count of text content in order to compete in SERPs. More the text content (visible text) more the chance you have to rank better in search results. Few search engines consider code to text ratio as their ranking factor. They calculate this to measure the webpage relevancy and SEO professionals keep debating about this code to text ratio. It's said that webpage that has higher text to code ratio have better chance of ranking. Again it's a minor ranking factor and not all search engine bots considers this.

Few debate that best code to text ratio should be more than 10%. Few debate that it should be more than 25%. It may or may not be true, however what we suggest is do focus on improving the user experience. Search engines are smart enough to value the site's quality from the following factors. Website that is user friendly, fast, offers better user experience, easily readable, optimized media elements and valid code. Code to text ratio is not so important and it's a minor ranking factor. If you want to determine the text/HTML ratio of your webpage then you can use this code to text ratio checker tool.

How to determine Text/HTML ratio of your website using code to text ratio checker?

Code to text ratio checker is free, quick and simple tool that tells what the text/HTML ratio of a webpage. To use this tool enter the URL for which you wish to check the text percentage and click on submit. It can either be top level domain or it can be any sub pages or even blog posts. This tool will analyze and quickly display the code to text ratio that is the percentage of text content on the webpage. Along with that it also displays the total text content size and the total HTML page size in bytes. We hope that you find this Text/HTML code ratio checker tool useful, if so then please do share it.

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