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About Class C Ip Checker

Search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo are getting smarter with their search ranking algorithms. They even started to consider a domains IP and SSL as one of their ranking factor. Websites that have dedicated IP are secure, unique and offers enhanced performance than the domains that uses shared IP.  Hence sites with independent IP gets much credit than multiple cross linked websites that are on same IP range. If your site is hosted in shared server then you must take precautions and consider using this class C IP checker tool. C class IP checker is used to find out domains that uses same IP. Here we'll explain what is C block IP address? Why it's bad to have same C class IP address and how to use class C IP checker tool?

IP address in nutshell

Here in What is my IP address tool page we have already explained about IP address and how it works. However we thought it would make this topic clear if we start with IP address before explaining about class C IP address. IP is known as Internet protocol is a range of address (ex:123.456.789.012) that is assigned for a website by its hosting service provider. This IP address is what your web browser reads to display a website. Need more information on this? Go through this detailed article on find DNS records tool page where we've explained about domains IP address. Hope both the page helped you understand about IP address. Let's see what's C block IP address or class C IP address.

What is C block IP address?

class C IP checker

Every IP address is divided into four sections for example 123.456.789.012 (part1.part2.part3.part4). The first two section defines the network address. The latter two sections defines the computer or host.  To better understand the C block IP address let's consider the IP address in letters instead of numbers (AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD).  As we said the first two sections that is A and B defines the network address that is country and city. The C and D block are the unique address. Imagine it like your home address where the A and B refers country and city code. C and D refers your flat and apartment numbers.

Depending on your internet or hosting service provider they may or may not assign the C block IP address for several websites that are on the same IP range. Especially when the hosting service provider is small and unreliable your website may end up having duplicate IP address. So is it bad? Is it not bad having same home address for the entire neighborhood? Just like that having same C block IP address for several domains is bad for SEO. Let's see why having same C block IP for different domains is risky. Also we'll see how to check domains that have same C class IP using class C IP checker tool.

Is it risky to have same C block IPs for different domains?

Not many webmasters are aware that a website sharing same C black IP is risky. If you are in a good neighborhood  then there is nothing to worry about. However just think of as you are in a wrong neighborhood. If any website that is in its IP range does any suspicious activities then the entire neighborhood will get affected. A website which uses your IP and that has already considered as spam by Google will also badly affect your websites ranking. Google and other search engines doesn't just block the website that involves in suspicious activities. It may even block or blacklist website's that shares the same IP address. For just this reason you should take precautions and must regularly check websites that shares your C class IP address. To identify domains with duplicate IP address and to determine whether your website is hosted on same C class IP range you can use our class C IP checker tool.

Using bulk class C IP checker tool

Whether you are going to launch a new website or whether you are moving to new hosting provider. Just like how you check the neighborhood when you move your house you must check websites that are hosted on that server. By staying away from illegal, malicious and spammy websites you are protecting your website from getting banned by search engines. Use this class C IP checker tool to determine if same C class IP is hosting several domains.

This class C IP checker is a bulk tool so you can check up to 40 domains at a time.  Enter the list of domains and click on submit. Just like domain IP lookup tool this tool lists the IP address for all domains plus the C class IP. Pick all the websites that are using same C class IP range as yours. Then use this Google malware checker and AVG antivirus checker tool to find out if those website are safe. If those websites are safe then all the domains that are networked in same C class IP range will be safe. If not then we suggest you to move your website somewhere else. Or ask your hosting provider to offer unique IP address for your website. By this way you are avoiding the negative impacts that affects your website's SEO efforts. Also you are avoiding the problem of getting your website blocked by Google and other search engines. Hope you find this C class IP checking tool to be useful, if so then please do share it.

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