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Alexa is a web based company that provides web analytics, web traffic data, backlink reports and global ranking of a website. It helps web masters, Bloggers, web owners and SEO specialists to know how popular their website, their client website and their competitors website. Not just the popularity report but it also provides number of backlinks that are pointing towards a website and its regional ranking data.

Alexa traffic rank being a most accurate tool it is vital for your online businesses which greatly helps in measuring your site's traffic and lets you know how well your site ranks against your competitors. Lower the result, better the Alexa ranking of your domain. Use this quick Alexa Rank checker tool to analyze and know your websites Alexa traffic rank, Country wise traffic rank, no of Backlinks, percent of search visits and audience geography.

To find the traffic data of your website just enter your website URL in the above field and click on submit. No sign up, no registration and no captcha required unlike other services. This tool generates a quick Alexa report of your website.

For your information: sub domains are calculated along with the main domain. Also the traffic ranking report of your website is based on last 3 months ranking data collected by Alexa.

A few tips to increase your Alexa Ranking:

Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa ranking is greatly based on your website traffic and so to improve your site's traffic the first and foremost thing you should consider is your visitors. Always focus on writing unique quality content regularly (blogging) which draws more visitors to your website. The second most important thing is sharing your content on social media sites which draws even more visitors. Third is optional and less important which is installing Alexa Tool bar and Alexa widget.

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